Squares Painting eBook

Textured Squares Painting
I have created a 6 page eBook that gives you exact instructions about how to create a professional looking squares painting. This Word document has videos and photos embedded to give you the full picture of how to create any size squares painting.

It includes details of the texture mixture that I use as a base – what it is made of and how to apply it – plus the other small touches that you may not think about when creating this kind of painting.

You can also use these instructions to create any other similar kind of painting with this texture (you can see that a lot of my paintings use a texture base) and for only $25 you can draw on my years of trial and error before coming up with this winning recipe!

You can buy this through PayPal for only $25 and I will email it to you within 48 hours (or sooner). If you have any questions about it you are welcome to email me back.

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