Commissioned Painting in Situ

I accept commissions from clients if you see an artwork that you like but perhaps it is the wrong size or you would like it in different colours.

The process for requesting a commission is to let me know what size of painting you are looking for and the style – perhaps there is one of mine that you have already seen. Also let me know what colours will suit where it is going to go and if possible send location shots (or I can come and visit if you are in the Suffolk are). I can then give you a price.

With this type of painting you will need to be quite open about the result! I have only so much control over the painting process itself – often the method leads to results that can be unexpected and unpredictable – but such is the beauty and uniqueness of these paintings. I will try and come up with something that fits in with your request and that I believe you will be happy with.

There are a few things that I set out when doing a commission – one is that if you don’t love it then you do not have to buy it. I will only show you a finished painting that I am happy with and that I believe someone will be happy to buy. That person may not ultimately be you! I will of course endeavour to create a painting that fits all of your criteria and will keep you updated with the process of the painting. It may be that a painting can be reworked when in progress if it needs to be (although sometimes this is not possible).

Hotel Room, Dubai

Once all of the details of the commission are agreed I will request a deposit of 10% of the price of the painting (see prices for details). This deposit is non-refundable but can be used against any other purchase if you decide against the commissioned work. There is one exception to this and that is if I need to get a canvas custom made. In this case the deposit is likely to be higher than 10% (I will advise you at the time of the quote) and is non-refundable if you decide against the commissioned painting.

If you are interested in commissioning a painting, please get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as possible.