Covid-19 Update

We are nearing the end of the coronavirus lockdown period that was imposed in March and things have changed massively since my last blog post.

I had quite a number of exhibitions lined up between March and September and all of them have now been cancelled which has obviously seriously limited any sales that I can make. In fact all of my exhibitions tend to happen in that period so there is only one possible exhibition left in November for this year which hopefully will go ahead. I will look to see if there are other events that I can take part in but I don’t expect things to return to normal until next year at least.

The Arts in general have taken a big hit and I just hope that the galleries can actually survive this period of closure as I know some are worried about whether they will be able to reopen at all.

For me, I have not been able to do too much in terms of new paintings as I have been home schooling my 6 year old. He has now gone back to school for a few weeks so I have had time to do a few bits. I finished the large commissioned wave painting which ended up looking really great after a few reworks. the thing with commission paintings as opposed to ones that I do myself is that you are working to a specific goal which may mean reworking paintings to suit the client, which is fine, but as this happens 99% of the time there is an extra cost to any commissioned paintings of 20% on top of standard prices which you can find here.

I am thinking of having a front drive sale of paintings but need to combine times when I have all my paintings here, the weather is good and my son is at his Dad’s! That may be some time in August and I will publicise it on social media if and when it happens.

I have been looking at doing some pendulum pour paintings so will be starting these in the next couple of weeks. I’ve been looking at the consistency of the paint to pour through and keep going without dripping. I love the regular patterns that these produce (a bit like the old spirograph!) so will video these as I do them.

In the meantime I have an exciting opportunity coming up next week (more details to follow) and will hopefully have a few small paintings in a display exhibition in Chelmsford in August – I’ll add that to the events if it happens.

Hoping that everyone is safe and well and we are all able to exhibit and meet soon!