Spring is Coming, Along With More Exhibitions

It’s 1st March and finally the sun is shining, the daffodils are in bloom and there is light at the end of the miserable wet and windy winter!

Things are really busy in the studio. I only have room for 2 paintings to dry at once as they have to dry completely flat (spirit level flat or else the paint will shift!) so I am constantly checking if paintings are dry enough to move out the way of the drying floor so that I can start more. Some paintings don’t actually work as I would like so that is a few days wasted (or not really wasted as it is all experience learnt from!) when that happens.

After selling the work I had in Ferini gallery in Pakefield, I had a couple of other commissions to do and paintings to take up there, so they now have a few of mine in. It is a lovely space with a wide variety of beautiful art so if you are nearby go and have a look.

One of my wave paintings among others in the Ferini Art Gallery

Another commission I have taken on is a larger wave painting. This brings issues in itself as you cannot let resin level on a canvas that is bigger than about 60x 60cm as it will just pool in the middle. So for larger paintings it is necessary to use a wooden block frame or something similar. These block frames do require sizing and sealing so that will be a bit of extra work on top before the painting is even started! I’m looking forward to doing that commission though and seeing how it comes out.

Exhibition invitations are still coming in and I am adding them to the events section of the website.

I’ve had a lot of interest in black/white/grey/silver colour schemes so have been doing some of those recently. This is a recent commission that just went to it’s new home.

If you are interested in a commission or exiting artwork then drop me a line via my contact page or else you can see prices here.